ENZUP is closing

Unfortunately, the ENZUP project will be closed down. Since 2014, HMN Naturgas has cooperated with the project partners BIOFOS Spildevandscenter Avedøre A/S, Akermin Inc., Ammongas A/S, Novozymes A/S, and Dansk Gasteknisk Center on designing and implementing a demonstration plant at BIOFOS’ Avedøre waste water treatment plant. The plant was intended to demonstrate a more cost effective method for upgrading biogas from the waste water treatment process and inject it in the natural gas grid as green natural gas. The project was supported by the Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program Energy (EUDP).  

The closing of the project is primarily caused by the closing of the US-based partner Akermin. Akermin developed the enzyme based upgrading technology and was intended to deliver the enzyme based biocatalyst for the daily operation. Without this, the basis does not exist for the ENZUP plant and future plants using the same technology. Akermin has for an extended period been challenged by intellectual property issues and the right to implement the enzyme based upgrading technology. This has affected Akermin’s financial situation and the ability to attract investors negatively. 

HMN Naturgas will replace the ENZUP plant with a conventional upgrading plant with the same capacity on BIOFOS’ Avedøre waste water treatment plant. Ammongas will be in charge of adapting the ENZUP plant to an amine plant. Ammongas has been a partner in the ENZUP project and have implemented several commercial amine plants in Denmark and Norway. The HMN upgrading plant will upgrade biogas and inject it in the natural gas grid just like the ENZUP plant, but with a less innovative technology. The plant is expected to be operational spring 2017. In the marketing of green natural gas, the upgrading facility is still a relevant and interesting project, integrating biogas upgrading with biogas production from waste water treatment, located close to a big city, and with the methanation project BioCat as neighbor and cooperation partner. 

HMN Naturgas would like to thank EUDP for the financial support and the project partners for the participation in the ENZUP project. All have shown commitment, cooperativeness and support, and contributed to the development of the project, and lately to trying to get the project on track again.


The aims of the three-year "Demonstration of a Novel Biogas Upgrading Technology" are to demonstrate the benefits of Akermin’s biocatalyst technology for biogas upgrading and how the technology can produce sustainable and more cost-effective, grid-quality natural gas from biogas.

ENZUP supported by EUDP

50% is funded through a grant from the Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP). The programme supports the development and demonstration of new energy technologies.

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